Prototype Designs with Electronic and Mechanic Developments


Oklahoma Robotics provides B2B (business to business) services for prototype designs with electronic and mechanic developments, as well as R&D services. We specialize in Circuit Board Design, Embedded Development, Firmware and IOT System Design.

Finding exactly what it is R&D companies have to offer can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But at Oklahoma Robotics we make it a top priority to offer consultation services like; software development and so much more! This way our clients have a clear description on what we are capable of!

Consultation Services:

  • Product Development
  • Electronic & Circuitry Design
  • Mechanical Solutions
  • Software Development
  • Engineering

Access to a Skilled Team:

  • CAD
  • Circuit Board Design
  • Electrical Design & Engineering
  • Prototype Development &
  • Software Development & Design

BS Circuit Designs

BS Circuit Designs is a sub-company to Oklahoma Robotics that produces circuit board designs, while having a specialty in PIC based embedded development. Contact us for any custom circuit or PCB design needs! 


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