Dickson Charge Pump

a dramatic difference in speed on the scooter motor. It is basically a voltage tripler taking 12v and turning it into 36. This shows the potential efficiency of a Dickson Charge Pump.

That’s what friends are for.

an even simpler design that will reduce component count and cost, and will increase power efficiency. We are moving towards a simple elegant solution that will exceed all the design specifications and yield a unique and highly flexible solution for breadboard power supplies and beyond.

The Pan Tilt Zoom Story

Pan tilt zoom camera head. The story of an affordable and easily controllable pan tilt zoom camera head. From research and development to custom prototyping and final production of a better pan tilt zoom head.

Prototype circuit for toggling

Here is the toggling circuit I am working on as represented in the iCircuit iOS simulator. Here I have my 3.3v switching regulator (TPS62056DGS) represented by an op amp with a reference voltage at 1.3v. I am representing an input pin of a 3.3v microcontroller with the second op amp.

Power under control

Have you ever finished breadboarding a project and upon reviewing your work observed that a large portion of your breadboard space was being wasted by your voltage regulation system? Have you ever wanted to use switching regulation in a high efficiency low power project? I do all the time, and I started working on a solution to this problem not too long ago.

The beginning of a blog…

Most things have a beginning. Well, if one considers the vast expanse of the nonexistent, assuming it does not exist in some alternate dimension, there are many things that never had a beginning. But, this all hinges on the definition of "thing" which may well...