The Intern

The Intern

  At Oklahoma Robotics we value each and every employee that helps our company operate efficiently. Today, I would like to highlight Zack Tyler, who is currently participating in our internship program. Zack is attending the University of Notre Dame pursuing his...

Wife of a Robot Maker

Wife of a Robot Maker

Amber, wife of Nathan Parrow, CEO of Oklahoma Robotics, and is a Writer, Photographer, and Marketing Director Being the wife of a robot maker is a little bit like the movie, Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Fortunately, we have not had any incidents with ant-sized children...

Mission Statement

Hello everyone! This blog post is well overdue and hopefully, it will provide some insight and clarity on our operations. Today we’re going to dive into what exactly it is that we do here at OK Robotics. More importantly, it will explain what we can do for YOU as a...

New Year’s Update **BIG Announcement**

Happy new year everyone! 2019 certainly was one for the record books. Without a doubt, Oklahoma Robotics has experienced the kind of year that most businesses dream about. Having spent the better half of a decade laying the groundwork for such success, our team's...

‘Tis The Season

​Happy holidays everyone! Here comes another update on what we've been up to since Thanksgiving. With the end of 2019 quickly approaching, Oklahoma Robotics prepares to roll into the new year full speed. For a company that has been around for nearly a decade, this...

Exciting Times at Oklahoma Robotics

The homegrown company, founded by Nathan Parrow in 2012, came into being during an era that has seen the downfall of the ‘mom & pop’ business. However, Parrow’s brainchild has not only existed throughout this crucial time for small business owners, it has flourished.

Dickson Charge Pump

a dramatic difference in speed on the scooter motor. It is basically a voltage tripler taking 12v and turning it into 36. This shows the potential efficiency of a Dickson Charge Pump.