engineered arts robot selfie The New York Post and UniLAD-UK reports on a United Kingdom robotic engineering firm, Engineered Arts, which is offering a human-like robot complete with facial expressions. The robot is specifically tasked with human interaction capabilities, but with an adaptable firmware to customize the robot’s tasks.

     The writer quips about the Will Smith film “I,Robot” which is another display of Hollywood completely missing the point on robots.The actual human representative of the firm is unidentified in the video, but says their cost for the robot he characterized as being north of 100,000 British pounds, or about US 100,000. It is hard to adjudge the capabilities of the robot, or how it can be adapted or customized to a customer. The offerings look very advanced.

A World Economic Forum article released three years ago outlined the five states of robot acceptance in the work force: Fear, Apprehension, Curiously, Tolerance, and Acceptance.

Maybe it would be helpful to add a sixth: dispense with the stupid Hollywood jokes about robots.