At Oklahoma Robotics we value each and every employee that helps our company operate
efficiently. Today, I would like to highlight Zack Tyler, who is currently participating in our internship
Zack is attending the University of Notre Dame pursuing his degree in electrical engineering,
along with a minor in entrepreneurship. With just three years left, he is a member of a now ranked 7th in
the nation Design Build Fly Team at the university. That is a huge accomplishment for him! When asked
how he became interested in electrical engineering, Zack recalled being a part of his high school
Robotics Team and since then he has been hooked.
With so much already accomplished, Zack has no intention of stopping anytime soon. His
eventual goal is to get his P.E. License (Professional Engineering). This certification will allow him to
demonstrate his engineering skill set at a professional level. For now, he is enjoying the hands-on
learning experience he is getting here at Oklahoma Robotics. Seeing how Zack’s trajectory is aimed for
the sky, he is well on his way to achieving that goal.
The only thing Zack says he wishes, is for more time to work on some personal projects he has.
Zack states that the projects that yield the greatest amount of learning are the projects that grant him
the most satisfaction. Well, I could not have said it better myself. We learn from our challenges and in
doing so we learn about what we are made of and what it takes to solve problems.
Oklahoma Robotics could not have chosen a better young man to participate in our summer
internship program. Zack Tyler is truly a bright and exceptional person. We will miss him dearly when he
returns to Notre Dame, and he will always have a home here at Oklahoma Robotics!