Hello everyone! This blog post is well overdue and hopefully, it will provide some insight and clarity on our operations. Today we’re going to dive into what exactly it is that we do here at OK Robotics. More importantly, it will explain what we can do for YOU as a potential client.

Oklahoma Robotics primarily exists to offer product development services. Now that sounds pretty vague and considering the many forms and phases that make up the formal definition of product development, we need to further elaborate. The service that we offer is a more narrowly defined and literal take on the concept.

Do you ever wonder how things are made? Obviously, everything that exists in the world started out as a simple theory or idea before coming into being. As kids we learn about famous inventors like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and the Wright Brothers. The backstories of these historical figures paint a picture of the independent hobbyist tinkering at home or in a personal workshop. It is made to seem like the inventions themselves are what elevate the individual to the professional level. The downside to this approach of technological progression is that it limits the possibilities. This occurs because it typically requires a single person to possess both the idea, and the skill to execute.

While there are certainly still plenty of lone wolf inventors out there, most of the creative development in modern times tends to happen quite differently. Much of it is attributed to the R&D departments of very large-scale corporations. Although well established companies like this generally have the benefit of extensive funding, they do still suffer from their own limitations as well. Specifically, because of the primary focus on a single industry, outside ideas are hindered due to lack of relevance.

The other method involves contracting the research and development process out to someone else. Not only does this option remove skill requirements, but it promotes creative diversity across many industries. Consider this, have you ever had an idea for something beneficial that doesn’t yet exist? This thing your dreaming of could really change the game, but maybe you aren’t qualified to produce. At this point, most people give up with the idea. People are struck with such moments of genius every day. That is how the world has formed around us. There are businesses looking to do the legwork needed to turn ideas into reality, thus removing the ceiling on potential for the future. Oklahoma Robotics is a third-party company offering this style of product development.

The service OK Robotics provides is all inclusive, from the initial consultation until we have successfully developed a fully functioning prototype, while documenting the process along the way for further manufacturing purposes, which also happens to be an additional step we can take care of. Keep in mind that if necessary, we are more than happy to develop your product under terms and conditions of a non-disclosure act. Therefore, much of our work cannot be featured in our media. That would explain why the projects advertised on our website are more hobby related in nature, since we are not allowed to divulge details of the main operations. Hopefully this has helped clarify what goes on at Oklahoma Robotics. Please feel free to contact us, lets conceptualize your dreams and change the future together!