Happy new year everyone! 2019 certainly was one for the record books. Without a doubt, Oklahoma Robotics has experienced the kind of year that most businesses dream about. Having spent the better half of a decade laying the groundwork for such success, our team’s level of gratitude for the 2019 accomplishments is through the roof. With that being said, the dedication to our vision persists and our upcoming goals far exceed any previous achievements.

Multiple projects that were developed or initiated last year, some of which cannot be publicly discussed, have anticipated release dates for 2020. Along with offering our standard services, a wide variety of new products are soon to appear in numerous industries. Some of these will be directly available from us, while other are subsidiary operations like Ramsey Leather. With clients’ companies also releasing OK Robotics’ conceptual designs, our work is going to be everywhere this year!

In the previous blog post, we mentioned that a BIG announcement would soon be made public. Well ladies and gentlemen, the time is upon us. The team has been heavily anticipating the arrival of this day for a while now. However, we were all pleasantly caught off guard when it came about one month ahead of schedule. For nearly a decade, our company’s president has successfully managed the on-goings of Oklahoma Robotics outside of normal business hours. Most people typically arrive home from their job, hungry for dinner and ready to relax. Their brains are in a state of unwinding from the stresses of work related activities. Well Nathan Parrow is anything but typical. His mind has adapted to making dreams become reality, at a time when much of the population is crawling into bed. It has been this way for the last 8 years. However, our determined leader will now have the chance to pursue his passion and get some sleep. As of Christmas day, he is officially retired from a 22 year long career with the United States Postal Service. Congratulations Nathan! The team couldn’t be any happier for you, and we look forward to finally having you around YOUR shop full-time.