​Happy holidays everyone! Here comes another update on what we’ve been up to since Thanksgiving. With the end of 2019 quickly approaching, Oklahoma Robotics prepares to roll into the new year full speed. For a company that has been around for nearly a decade, this past year has truly been a game changer. For instance, the number of employees alone has more than tripled in the last few months. Talk about growth! Not only has the team’s size multiplied, but the shop has been completely renovated. Most recently, a lofted storage space was added to the second floor. The partnerships established in 2019 have resulted in projects that may drastically change the future of certain industries. This year marked the beginning of a plan to diversify avenues of revenue as well. Although such efforts will undoubtedly roll over into 2020, the initial phase involving the founding of Ramsey Leather took off earlier this month. Now that Cory has temporarily set up shop at the OK Robotics compound, prototype designs of his products are nearing completion. Stay on the lookout for his work, as it should be readily available very soon. While the fabrication crew is busy constructing our premier project off campus, many of us have been hard at work maintaining equipment. The laser table was previously out of commission during the remodel. For those who don’t know, this remarkable CNC machine is used for cutting and engraving various materials. Our particular model was designed and built in-house. After getting it operational a few weeks ago, we realized that a few minor upgrades would greatly enhance the instrument’s capabilities. We are currently in the process of retrofitting some components, while waiting for others to arrive or be made. The tool should be up and running again shortly after Christmas. Another high tech device seeing extensive use lately is the 3D printer. This piece of equipment plays a crucial role in many of our concurrently running projects. Rarely does the machine sit idle, often working throughout the night and into the morning. While publishing this particular blog post, a part for the laser table is being printed across the room. Having the ability to essentially produce whatever you need out of thin air would benefit any workshop environment. Imagine being able to make something in a few hours that would have taken days to arrive by mail. Before signing off to celebrate the holiday, we kindly ask that you stay tuned in to our updates because there is a BIG announcement coming just after the new year. From the Oklahoma Robotics family to yours, merry Christmas!