There is an old Chinese Proverb that professes, “Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” Well here at Oklahoma Robotics, absolutely nothing stands still, nor is our growth gradual. Many changes have occurred over the course of the last week alone. In terms of personnel expansion, three new members recently made their debut in the CAD department. Accordingly, we would like to officially welcome Dexter, Lucas, and Casey to the OK Robotics team. With the shop remodel nearing completion, the cards are really starting to fall into place. Two offices have been added downstairs to accommodate the latest recruits, while a secondary work space has come into fruition on the upper level. By disposing of the leftover construction materials, we were able to see just how much room we have now. The extra space has allowed for the laser table to become operational once again, which means that previously discussed projects for this machine are one step closer to kicking off. Cory’s work station is rapidly coming together upstairs, so expect to see the product line of Ramsey Leather hitting the market very soon. As more cutting edge equipment continues to arrive left and right, the decommissioned devices are disappearing from the facility. With Thanksgiving fast approaching the timing couldn’t be better, as the team truly appreciates this incredible period of growth.