Tucked away in the trees of a quiet neighborhood, on the outskirts of a small Oklahoma town, one particular plot of land is bustling with activity. Wrenches turn, hammers swing, and shovels steadily move the earth. The humming of a lathe provides a peaceful ambiance, while sparks from a welder rain down upon the ground. Amongst the chaos, a man on a computer is logistically turning the dreams of today, into the instruments of tomorrow. A hint of sunlight begins to appear in the distance, as a final wall is erected. It is time for bed. As the crew begins to disperse, a set of approaching headlights illuminates the street, eventually stopping at the end of the driveway. They are here to continue where the others left off. The constant flow of traffic, coming and going around the clock, allows for the expedition of projects, while simultaneously setting the tone for what is to come. This is Oklahoma Robotics.

The homegrown company, founded by Nathan Parrow in 2012, came into being during an era that has seen the downfall of the ‘mom & pop’ business. However, Parrow’s brainchild has not only existed throughout this crucial time for small business owners, it has flourished. Such prosperity directly results from the nonstop work ethic exemplified by the Oklahoma Robotics team. At the same time, these seven years of success have brought about the industrious environment that currently surrounds Parrow’s compound. The company has reached a crucial period of growth, while also undertaking some long overdue renovations. With change in the air, rapid progress in reform can be seen from day to day. Aside from the many ongoing construction projects, team expansion efforts have led to a few new faces becoming permanent fixtures around the shop. While business continues as usual, the crews’ recent additions bring with them prospective ventures and ideas. With the foundation for the company’s future nearing completion, it is a very exciting time at Oklahoma Robotics.