Beau shows us the potential current efficiency with a Dickson charge pump.  


  • AC coming into a switch mode power supply riding 12v
  • Dickson Charge Pump
  • Standard Scooter Motor

In the video you will see Beau take the enable line and apply it to the low, showing a dramatic difference in speed on the scooter motor. It is basically a voltage tripler taking 12v and turning it into 36.  This shows the potential efficiency of a Dickson Charge Pump.  It seems to have a good current capability, the H bridge was the original design to put the two boards together, but Beau is thinking of making it into one piece for the next iteration.  There is also a micro processor on the backside that is programmed to help with the switching of the transistors correctly.  

H Bridge

This build is pretty straightforward as a H bridge where you have to control when you turn certain legs of the H bridge on and off so you don’t have any shoot-through with current.  They run cool to the touch, running at 55 AMPs, if turned on and off correctly.  Beau has some surface mounted level shifter ICs on the backside