Freelance Engineering & Design

GM Cluster Repair

 We offer an affordable alternative to buying a new cluster (for GM vehicles only).  GM instrument cluster repairs start at $80.  Please contact us for a quote and to set up an appointment.

The Robotic Lego Fleet

RC Mower

It all started with mowing.  Why spend so much time in the heat pushing around a mower when you can build one that you control with a remote control?  That is exactly what Nathan did and really is the one project that got the whole robot-mastermind thing going.


Oklahoma Robotics a small freelance shop in the Oklahoma City area specializing in prototype, electronic, mechatronic, automation, AV, and circuit board design.  We are eager to talk with you about mechanical and electronic solutions for your ideas and business.

GM Cluster Repair

We provide instrument cluster repair and rebuild for GM clusters.  This is a great, affordable alternative then replacing the entire instrument cluster.  Contact us today to make an appointment.

About OK Robotics

We love a challenge and are eager to find solutions.  Our team has experience in many fields offering you a one-stop shop for your project and ideas.  Contact us today!